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5 Advertising Pieces A Small Company Needs

5 Advertising Pieces a small company needs

Affordable Advertising for Your Small Business


Many forms of marketing can be pricey such as commercials, billboards, and radio spots. Without a big budget on hand, many small businesses need to be savvy when it comes to advertising their company. There are several ways small businesses can advertise their business, however, without breaking the bank. When it comes to letting your customers know you exist without a big advertising budget, consider these five affordable advertising methods.


  1. Branded Signage

Visibility is essential in letting your customers know about your business and what you offer. While it may seem obvious, simply getting your company’s name in front of your customers is a good way to bring them in through your front door. Door signs, banners, flyers, and other forms of signage are much more cost-effective forms of advertising than billboards and offer the same type of advertising.


Mark your building with a sign with your company name. Establish a banner with your company’s services at your local fair or convention. Hand out flyers at a local networking night or around town. You can easily spread the word about your business without investing thousands to do so with some branded signage.


  1. Business cards

Business cards are another item you can hand to people as a leave behind so that they can reference it at a later time. These small and compact reminders of your company’s existence can be powerful as they give your customer all the important information about your business. The company name, your name, and the contact information of the business is all displayed neatly and accessibly on a card that will fit perfectly in a pocket, wallet, or purse.


Business cards are a cheap way to network with people you have conversations with and remind them about your business even when you aren’t talking to them.


  1. Websites are affordable advertising for small businesses Website

If you want advertising that works for you 24/7, is easy to maintain and is packed with information about your company, then look no further than a website. Websites are perfect advertising options for small businesses and are essential for any company that wants to look professional, credible, and real.


With affordable options from advertising companies such as Arden Logic, websites are the perfect advertising tool to constantly feed your customers the information about your business they are actively looking for online.


  1. Reviews and Recommendations

Your customers can be your biggest advocates and your own personal salespeople when given the opportunity. As many customers look for reviews on company products and services before purchasing, getting your customers to review you online is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to bring in more customers. Those who are on the fence about your company or who didn’t even know you existed previously can be swayed after reading several positive reviews about others’ experiences with your business.


You can ask each customer in person to review you online, and for extra help in gaining reviews and managing them, you can look into a review management system such as Kydos. Kydos makes it a lot easier to gain reviews by connecting with your customers at key times in the buying process.


  1. Digital PromotionDigital Advertising like social media is affordable advertising

Another affordable option for advertising is digital promotion through social media and AdWords PPC campaigns. Social media and PPC campaigns allow you to target an audience that is most likely to support your business. Best of all, with social media and AdWords, you can control your budget and how much you want to spend on advertising. Whether you want to boost a post for $10 on Facebook or you want to target your audience on Google for several hundred, you can control your advertising cost.


Advertising as a small business doesn’t have to break the bank when you use advertising methods that are meant for people on a budget. For affordable advertising such as the above options and more, contact Arden Logic. As an advertising business that works exclusively for small businesses, we are experts in growing your company on a budget.

Protecting Your Brand Online Over Time


I used to work in the games industry years ago and when we would create a game to launch nationally, we would send out copies to magazines and reviewers in order to create good press.  Of course not everything was positive because let’s face it, not everyone is going to love everything you do all the time.  One review was particularly negative and when we had a meeting to discuss how to reply, the project manager decided that we shouldn’t bother because the review came from a little known online magazine.


img_reviewBig mistake.

Years later, a friend asked me about the game and then later went online to find it. The only thing she found? – the bad review from the little known online magazine. Not one of the other reviews, good or bad, could be found. The only review of our game was sneering criticism that had gone without response from our company.

As a small business or a business just starting out, a bad review can be detrimental to your survival and a good review can bring in more business than you ever dreamed. The lesson here folks, is that your brand’s management is up to you and people will take notice of how you go about managing it. So how do you make sure you don’t make the same mistake? And how do you take progressive steps for your brand?


88percentHere are some tips about managing your brand.

  • Don’t ignore bad reviews (no matter who wrote them). Address them in some way (politely and non-confrontational is best because how you handle a bad review can also live on forever).
  • Get permission from article publishers or reviewers to link to their articles from your site.
  • Get permission to host the article on your own site.
  • Make sure the article is kept in a format that is searchable to the search engines. If it is a print article do not scan it in as an image. Make sure it is a searchable PDF or html page at the very least.


Ignoring what people and reviewers say about you is not a good idea because people actually do pay attention to them.  In fact, 88 percent of consumers look at online reviews before deciding to act on something.  With that in mind, remember to keep a close eye on all your reviews!

David Maples is Brand Strategist at Catapult Creative Media Inc, parent company for Arden. He enjoys music and witty banter.

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Arden is a web development company that is dedicated to helping startups succeed. We believe the first few years in business is critical to the success of the company and we provide marketing solutions in the form of online marketing, design services and turnkey solutions.


Enhancing Your Reputation Early On


You need a good reputation for your business to survive. You’ve got clients who love you and you’ve done good work, but you’re only halfway done. It’s vital that your company’s reputation be available for others to find as well. We’ve got a few tips you should do to build your brand online. By implementing these early on, you’ll create a snowball effect as your business grows.


Testimonials and reviews — legitimacy from the people you’ve served.

This is perhaps the most important piece of proof when it comes to establishing an honest reputation.

In fact, 90% of customers will check the reviews before they make a purchase. Because of what they read in the reviews, they may or may not buy the product or service.

Therefore, it’s critical for you to get as many good reviews as possible. Timing is key however. The longer you wait, the more generic the kudos become. If you can’t get them right after you’ve closed the deal, send them a follow-up survey afterwards asking how you did. To be even more personal, call and ask how they’re doing. Lead up to your testimonial questions and ask if you can use what they say in testimonials on your site or ask them to share it online to help someone else have the same good experience they did.

watchtvThe media — free exposure to hundreds, or even thousands.

Reaching out to the media can have a huge impact on your business. Magazines, newspapers, TV stations, and radio stations have a large following in the local community — and when you’re just starting up, many of your customers will be close to home.

You can reach out  and establish a good relationship with the media by issuing a press release. This allows you to tell the story about your business or a great experience you created for a client. It also can spark interest that can lead to an interview, additional articles and quotes for other pieces. On a slow news day, they may even include your article in their publications.


Social media — free accessibility and interaction.

Secure your name on all of the social networks. Make sure you have the right address and contact information in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and especially Google Maps. Make yourself available to any potential customers — encourage them to tag you in posts or use your hashtag.

Respond to compliments and complaints — remember, it’s all public. Imagine that the complaint is coming from a customer right in front of your restaurant, and thousands of people are watching. Seeing the conversation and resolution between you and an upset customer may even encourage others to visit you.

There are other kinds of sites your business can join. If you’re the owner of a bakery, set up your Yelp and Zomato accounts. If you’re in the hospitality industry, sign into TripAdvisor. Builders, interior decorators and architects can get involved with Houzz.

It can seem a little daunting to get started, but leverage your connections on and offline. Joining organizations can provide support and networking can introduce you to tons of people. They key is to dedicate time to each of these areas in order to get the most out of them.


Work with Arden

Arden is a web development company that is dedicated to helping startups succeed. We believe the first few years in business is critical to the success of the company and we provide marketing solutions in the form of online marketing, design services and turnkey solutions.