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What is an SSL Certificate and Do You Need it On Your Website?

What is an SSL Certificate and Do You Need it On Your Website?

SSL Certificates Keep Your Customers Safe and You Ranked Well

Your business has been up and running for quite some time and you’re proud to say it’s been going great. The one thing you are worried about, however, is your website. You don’t know how secure it is for your customers and maybe it hasn’t been getting as much traction as you’d like it to.

With the July 2018 update from Google that marks non-secure sites, you may well be suffering from a drop in traffic on your site. It’s time to secure your site with an SSL certificate and get your customers back to shopping and browsing online safely and securely.


What is an SSL Certificate?Two people looking at their website to see if they have an SSL certificate

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. Having an SSL certificate on your website means your website is more secure. An SSL, simply put, encrypts data transferred from browsers to web servers. In other words, when any of your customers put sensitive information into your website, like their billing information for a purchase, it’s encrypted before being sent to you and decrypted once it arrives.

If you’re wondering whether or not your website has an SSL certificate, you can easily find out by going to your website and checking the URL box. If you have an SSL certificate on your site, your URL will automatically begin with “https” instead of just “http.” In addition, if your site doesn’t have SSL on it, to the left of your domain name a small box will read “Not Secure.” Many websites nowadays are built with an SSL certificate due to Google’s update. However, it is important to check your site.


How Does an SSL Certificate Benefit Me?

You may be wondering if having an SSL certificate on your site is worth it, especially if you don’t collect information from your customers, after all, it does cost money. Regardless of whether your customer purchase items from you online or just browse your site, it’s still important to have the certificate for several different reasons.


  • Customer Trust

With Google’s push to have all websites have an SSL certificate, there’s going to be a stigma about any that don’t have one. The “Not Secure” box next to your URL isn’t going away anytime soon, and customers will be wary about even visiting your site if they think it is not secure in any way. Having an SSL certificate will ensure your customers aren’t leaving your site because they don’t feel safe.


  • Search Results and SEO Impact

Back in 2014, Google announced that it will be taking encrypted connections into account as a ranking signal for search results. While this is just one factor in the hundreds that Google uses in its search algorithms, it is still a factor that can make a difference in where you appear in search results. So, if you want to make your site more visible, having an SSL on your site could mean better ranking for your site.


  • Secure the Data

This is the obvious and most important reason to have an SSL certificate on your website. Securing your customer’s data is crucial for them and your business. You don’t want to leak your valued customers’ information and you don’t want to be known as the company that has caused their customers to lose their personal data. It’s best to put an SSL certificate on your site for your and your customers’ sake.


Two people installing an SSL certificate

How Do I Get an SSL Certificate on My Website?

So now that you know what an SSL certificate is and why it’s important, you’re probably wondering how you get one put onto your site. You’ll need a little bit of technical knowledge to complete this task as it requires server access to install. Your hosting provider or a third-party issuer will most likely be able to manually install it as well.

Contacting your web company is the best and easiest solution as they can install the SSL certificate quickly and also ensure all non-secure pages are redirected properly to secure pages.

If you have a website with Arden Logic, you have nothing to worry about. Our team ensures all Arden Logic websites are automatically built with SSL certificates to ensure proper ranking, customer trust, and secure data transfer. If you’re worried about your website’s security, functionality, and overall design, contact Arden today and let us build you a secure and functional website.

What Type of Website Fits Your Needs?

What Kind of Website Do You Need?

Find Out Which Type of Website You Need to Succeed

Just as there are many types of apples, there are also many types of websites. Websites have evolved since their first launch in 1991 as many different technologies, based on people’s changing needs, came about with time. Now, there are many different types of websites that help both individuals and businesses thrive in specific ways. Discover the different types of websites below and find out which one is best for you and your needs.


Personal websites can range in different capacities but often end up being a hub for a portfolio or as a way to share personal information. Whether the person’s website gives details for the time and place of an upcoming event or hosts a resume for someone looking for employment, personal websites are usually created for a single event or purpose. Because personal websites are built for a single event, they are usually not optimized for search in any way, and they really don’t need to be. A personal website can be spotted by its URL as it usually involves a personal name or event such as ashleyandchriswedding.com.

BlogPerson adding a blog to their blog type of website

A blog website is created for the sole purpose of housing a blog. The website managers regularly add content to this type of website in a blog format as a way to distribute information to their audience, usually on a set schedule. A blog website usually has easily shareable content and social media buttons for users as a way to connect with a target audience. Blog websites usually build organic SEO over time due to the nature of the content.


A business website is a tool that companies use to further their marketing efforts and generate sale leads. The goal of a business website is to be an extension of a company and provide information that sells services or products in a way that gets a user to take action. Business websites are branded toward the company and incorporate organic SEO and paid search tactics to get found online. Most companies have business websites as they are essential in generating sales in today’s online world.


This type of website is used for charity work or fundraising. Fundraising websites have certain aspects built in such as ways to donate or specific company information for tax credit purposes. Fundraising websites are normally geared toward a specific cause or organization and provide a lot of detailed information. Often times, they are not optimized for search or are only optimized specifically for the name of the charity or fundraiser. These types of websites are popular for non-profit organizations.

E-commerceMobile E-commerce website on phone

E-commerce websites are popular for companies that want to sell their products globally or nationwide. This type of website has the most functionality built in as it must contain products, information, sorting capabilities, payment processing systems, shipment processes, and more. E-commerce websites are robust in SEO and typically compete heavily on specific words in an attempt to reach their audience.

No matter what kind of website you need, the experts at Arden Logic can help build you a functional and well-designed website. From business websites to blogging websites and even blog creation, we can help you get the perfect website for your needs.

Arden Logic Improves Your Website’s Usability

How We Improve Your Website's Usability

Arden Logic Improves Your Website’s Usability by Optimizing Your Site

Websites are a must-have advertising piece for companies of all sizes. They provide your customers with so much information and go a long way in officializing your business overall. With so many options in getting a website for your company, however, it can be easy to get one that is only “good enough.” You’ve experienced these types of website yourself. They are frustrating because they’re slow or confusing and eventually you click out of them, and once you do, you know that you will never return. Your customers are doing the same thing to the website you threw together one evening in the hopes that just having a site online would be good enough.

Don’t push away your customers with a bad website. Instead, get one that works seamlessly from a web company that specializes in building professional websites like Arden Logic. The experts at Arden Logic know how to improve your website’s usability so customers stay on your site and shop longer.

SafetyBetter Website Usability with safety features

Nobody wants to risk their personal and financial information on a website that is not secure. Visiting a website that does not have the proper security features means that a customer’s data is at risk of being hacked. On top of putting your customers at risk, Google now expects businesses to secure their websites and penalizes those who don’t by notifying users with a “not secure” label in the address bar next to the company URL.

As a professional website company, Arden Logic ensures every website we build uses an SSL or Secure Socket Layer. An SSL encrypts every connection between the browser and web server so any shared information is secure. With a secure connection, your customers are much more likely to use your website on a regular basis.


It’s no longer 1999 when you had to wait 5 minutes for your dial-up connection to download half of a webpage. People don’t have the patience to wait for websites to load anymore- they want information, and they want it instantly. In fact, Google reports that 53 percent of people will back out of your website if it doesn’t load in under three seconds. That’s a ton of customers leaving your website for the simple reason of slow loading times.

At Arden Logic, we make your website so incredibly fast, customers won’t have time to think of anything except why they clicked on your website in the first place. With picture compression and optimizing code, we ensure your website loads quickly so your customers stay put on your site.


Website usability is more than just safety and speed though. Usability also includes convenience for the user. You always want to make things easier for the people visiting your site. They need to be able to get to the items or information that they want quickly and without much thought. In other words, don’t make it difficult for your customers to get what they want.

We make a point to increase the functionality of your site, so your users think your website is the best one they’ve ever visited. From click-to-call buttons that make contacting your business ten times easier to embedded customer reviews so site visitors know how amazing your products are without any additional research, we ensure your website gives your customers the best experience possible.

DesignDesigners creating a website for functionality

Have you ever been to a website and wondered why on Earth they had things placed where they were? Or maybe you’ve visited a site that you just thought looked downright awful. It’s no surprise that people tend to like websites that are designed well. Not only do designed sites look good but they are also laid out for better usability. Where certain features are placed on a website makes a huge difference in user experience. For example, people expect a company’s phone number to be located at the top right of a website and not just on the contact page.

Our professional designers know the best practices for flawless aesthetic and website usability.  We design and build your site for ease of navigation so your users have a great experience on your site and enjoy exploring every page. It’s just one more aspect we put into every site so your customers shop with you more often.

Don’t settle for a website that is just “good enough.” A website that isn’t built correctly can actually do more harm than good as it may frustrate your customers and push them to your competitors. When it comes to getting your company a website, trust the professionals at Arden Logic to build you a good-looking and functional website.

10 Reasons Why Your Startup Needs a Website

10 Reasons Your Startup Needs a Website

Does Your Startup Business Need a Website? These 10 Benefits Say Yes.

Starting your business is an awesome accomplishment that can only be topped by a few other moments in life. You put blood, sweat, and tears into opening your doors and welcoming customers on day one and nothing is quite as satisfying as helping that first guest. While your physical storefront may seem like the most important aspect of your new startup, your digital storefront is also important to consider. Having a website for your company has many benefits and can make a huge difference in the success of your startup business. Here are 10 benefits and reasons your startup needs a website.


  1. Credibility BoostA website gives your startup credibility

As a new business, you need all the credibility you can get. Customers who aren’t sure what you are about or if you’re a trustworthy establishment look for hints of your company’s authenticity. A professional website can give them that assurance quickly an easily.


  1. Look Professional

Understandably, startup businesses are often on a tight budget, resulting in many do-it-yourself attempts. From hands-on construction projects to self-branding, startups will do a lot to save money. A professional website, however, can help in making your company look professional and respectable. Aesthetic goes a long way in today’s world.


  1. Gain More Traction

A website is a great way to gain traction and more customers who are shopping for what you are providing online versus walking near your company’s location. A website that is optimized for what you sell and what your customers are shopping for will notify them of your business’s existence and bring them one step closer to walking through your door.


  1. Reduce Confusion Around Your Brand

Many startups suffer from a mix and match appearance because the owners are focused on more important aspects. Unfortunately, that leaves your business looking less than cohesive. A branded website can help you define your company’s look and tone and keep it consistent for your customers to recognize you anywhere.


  1. a Startup needs a website to provide company infoProvide Your Customers with Information

Customers want to find your business because you sell what they want. Information such as location, business hours, your company mission, and overall business description is essential details to give your customers. Your website is the perfect house for your company’s information and is easily accessible to your customers.


  1. Get Feedback

A website is a great place for a contact form or feedback form. Getting feedback from your customers about their experience is a great way to improve your business and make it even better than it already is.


  1. Send Your Social Media Customers Somewhere More Concrete

Social media accounts are great for individuals and for customer interaction but it does little for establishing your company as a professional business. Since content on social media is a constantly changing, you’ll need someplace more concrete and branded to send your customers to when they are looking for information. Social media and websites work well when both are used together.


  1. Advertise Your Business for Less

One of the main things you’ll want to do when starting your business is to get the word out that you are open. Commercials, billboards, and even flyers can be costly and easily ignored. Websites are an affordable advertising option for startup businesses that play to the consumer mindset of searching for what they want instead of having items they don’t want jumping in front of their face.


  1. 24/7 Interaction, Even When You’re Asleep

You can’t be awake all the time no matter how much coffee you drink. A website can work for you 24/7 without ever needing a break and with little maintenance. That means you can be in front of your customers even when you’re sleeping and that’s some smart advertising.


  1. Easier Recruitment

Face it, your startup is going to grow one day and when that day comes, you’re going to need to recruit some awesome new employees. Give them a place to drop their resumes and a place to find out about your amazing company with a website that lists openings, qualifications, and benefits.

Starting a business is a big task, so make sure you start it off right with a website. While websites can range in cost from extremely cheap to extremely expensive, there are options out there that are affordable for startups while providing quality. Shop around for the right website company or contact Arden Logic today. With affordable packages meant for startups and a portfolio that proves its quality work, you won’t be disappointed.